Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm too lazy to go all the way downstairs and get the camera to post pics but wanted to post a quick blog since it's been over a month! I have been trying to take the kids out "adventuring" more now that they are all big enough and the weather is beginning to dry out (I think mother nature forgot we are southwest desert with all the moisture we have been having!). The last two adventures were hiking the Diamond Valley Volcano and touring the Bloomington Caves.

I am not sure that anyone should attempt to climb straight up the volcano instead of taking the path! I made a mistake of letting the boys lead the way and we somehow wound up heading straight up a mass of tiny volcanic pebbles the process was terribly slow as I would step up 8-10 inches and slide down 6-8 inches - slow going to say the least! finally we made it to some shaded snow and got some traction - then the fun of going down! Although it was a fun afternoon with the boys I can safely say next time around we will be sticking to the trails!

The Bloomington caves was a wild experience! It has been several years since I ventured to them, before life with kids anyway and I had forgotten how tricky it can be. While fun to take the kids down and let them wander some of the larger pockets there are some really tricky paths (more like tiny crevices to squeeze through). Adding a picnic lunch made the day disappear and while the boys can't wait to come again I think I will be waiting until I find a pair of knee pads - there is a lot of crawling involved when it comes to caving!

I will post some pictures next time!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Caleb is piling on the activities. Basketball started this past week and although he hasn't spent alot of time drippling a ball until now (I take full responsibility or that as I have never been a big bball player) but after wrapping up a four month long football season he is in great shape and picking up on the game quickly. He is getting pointers from Dad on more and more things lately -it seems I am losing my little boy as he now chooses to hang with Dad when possible (sniff sniff!)

In addition to basketball the much anticipated Pinewood Derby was this week. They have gone high teh with computerized tracks, big screen automated time recorders and more. The boys loved hearing their name over the speakers and seeing it up on the screen, Caleb was involved in a few "demolition derby races as twice another racers car jumped a seem in the track and taxied down on his car, but he was a great sport and was glad to come in first in one heat. His brothers were both very suportive with Cooper by his side most of the night (can't wait for his debut next year).

Jayden was so enthralled with the whole thing, he stayed in one spot all night - right next to the track. (Of course after the races were done he pulled out a couple of hot wheels from his pocket and tried to send them down the track)

Caleb worked hard on his "silver bullet" car and was happy his car made it down the track in one piece (last years car lost a wheel before the end of the night) and his brothers were happy to find a table full of cookies at the end of the alls well at the Chadburn house tonight!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Golf Anyone?

This was a new adventure....handing the kids metal clubs and a hard ball is just asking for trouble! After realizing we were risking life and limb to assist Jayden in any way we decided to let him just use the club backwards and whack at the ball instead of trying to teach him how to do it. Suprisingly once Mom and Dad left him alone he did pretty well.

Cooper is a natural at everything he tries. After watching Cooper pull off a couple of hole in ones, we debated on the possibilities of getting him signed. Anyone know of any miniture golf sponsership openings? The funny thing is of all three boys he is the one that cares the least about winning - as long as he can do things his way he is happy.... drives Caleb nuts!

Caleb ended up being the score keeper and follows the rules to the "T". While the rest of us started goofing around towards the end, he was still faithfully marking his score down at each hole, not wanting to cheat.

After a few hours (yes it took almost 2 hours to play 18 holes!) we ended up at the park with some pizza to let the kids run the rest of their energy down. It was a beautiful day and got us out of the slush that is still Diamond Valley as the snow slowly melts.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Went hiking and survived!

Saturday afternoon we decided to take the boys hiking. The only quick spot we could think of with no snow or mud was Pioneer Park right above St. George. The kids had a blast running around the hills and Jeremy didn't even have a heart attack watching as the boys got a little too close to the edge.

We have learned that Cooper is a regular mountain goat and Caleb can figure out how to get to the top of any hill.... unfortunately we also learned that Jayden thinks he can do whatever his big brothers can do! Poor Jeremy spent the afternoon two steps behind him trying to avert disaster!